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The F.B.Marshall Episcopal cohort is designed to introduce to the attendees the upcoming collaboration between the Greater Church of Deliverance, Inc. and Barber-Scotia College, one of the nation’s oldest HBCU’s, located in Concord, NC.
This groundbreaking academic offering is provided to provoke an academic approach for Bishops, Overseers, Senior Pastors and Clergy. This episcopal training are for Bishops and those who see the episcopacy in their future, for Pentecostal, Charismatic, Baptist, Non-Denominational and Independent Fellowships.
This cohort will award a Certificate of Completion from Barber-Scotia College and provide continuing education units for the attendees toward their degree at Barber-Scotia once enrollment begins the following semester.


Don’t miss this opportunity to continue your journey of education in the episcopacy. The instructors have provided a concise syllabi that will enhance your knowledge of Episcopal Polity and Episcopal Governance, Leadership Training, Foundations of Faith, The Early Church Fathers, Mental Health for Leaders and Organizational Leadership, just to name a few of the class offerings.
We invite you to take this academic journey and prepare for this once in a lifetime learning experience.

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